"Would you like to begin an exciting Spiritual Adventure, Discover your True  Nature and Make Every Day Life Sacred?"

  • 90 Day "Wholly Spiritual" Mentoring Programme

With Steven Lane, Spiritual Mentor and Coach

So you can stop:
  • The underlying sense of life being pointless
  • Trying so hard to make life work for you
  • Feeling disconnected from life and its underlying purpose
  • Reading endless self-help books that don’t change anything
  • Trying spiritual techniques and approaches that don’t deliver results for you.



What you need is the powerful support and guidance of someone who has undertaken that journey.
I am a Spiritual Mentor and Guide who has followed a range of Spiritual teachings for 37 years, including: 
  • 7 years as a Buddhist monk in a Tibetan tradition.
  •  I spent years in retreat, and have received teachings, transmissions and initiations from Tibetan Lamas, Taoist, Advaita and Dzogchen masters. I am also very familiar with Christian Mystical teachings as well as New Age teachings. I have coached many students and taught hundreds of workshops in many countries.
  • I personally have gone through a series of transformative experiences and discovered the essence of my Being.
  • I can help you to understood how  to authentically practice Spirituality in such a way that it transforms the very essence of who you are, and consequently enables you to integrate Spiritual Wisdom into everyday living.
  •  I am eclectic in my Spiritual approach and use words such as “Spirit, Presence, Source, Soul, Universal Mind etc as opposed to the language of any specific religion, though I can adapt what I do to any specific belief system. 
  • I spent  years going in the wrong direction, using approaches that weren't right for me and falling into a range of spiritual pitfalls. At times I wondered if Spirituality was just wishful thinking. However, through perseverence and the help of some great guides, I finally managed to fully integrate spirituality into my life.  I can show you how to do the same much more quickly.

This 90 Day 1:1 Programme is for you if you:

  • Have a desire to deeply connect to your Spiritual Essence  and would like to be supported by an experienced Spiritual  Mentor and Coach
  • Want to find far greater meaning in your life.
  • Want to be able to integrate the sacred into everyday living
  •  Would benefit from a loosely structured open minded Spiritual Path in order to experience Spiritual Transformation.
It is ideal for you if you would like:
  • Step out of a mundane pointless way of living and find true meaning in life.
  • Connect deeply to your Spiritual Essence, activate its potential and go through an exciting journey of Spiritual Transformation.
  • Learn an essential structure to access the Power of Spirit, including powerful and liberating meditation techniques, overcoming your internal blockages and gaining key spiritual understandings.
  • Find a wealth of meaning, peace and joy in day to day living.

Here is what is included in this Programme: 

Steven has helped me enormously, to recognize the structures of my own limiting beliefs and to wholeheartedly connect with my values and wishes.
He’s helped uplift my sense of possibility,   and raw wonder!

Working with him has  been transformational to my sense of who
I am and what I might do with my life –  and more than that, he has shown me the immense potentiality that is already here  and fully accessible to anyone, beyond the  need for any healing to take place.

If that may sound faraway and dreamy, in fact it  has been a completely grounded, practical  and day-to-day discovery that brings a  
shift to all aspects of living. In peak  moments of connecting with nature or  
just standing in line at the post office –  now I can recognize a blissful  
spaciousness, which I used to be way too  busy struggling after to even notice.

Danielle Hill, Austria